Egypt Excursions

We prepare Egypt excursions to conclude all the places of attraction. No matter where you stay in Egypt, this dazzling destination always welcome you with a smorgasbord of exciting and adventurous options. FTS Travels organizes an extensive array of day and night tours within Egypt at affordable rates. With our Egypt day Tours, explore the ancient sites, royal treasures, scenic spots, and bustling streets of Egypt. Whether you want to marvel at the Great Pyramids in Cairo, witness the ruins at Egyptian Museum, cruise the Nile, dive in Egypt’s Red Sea, or walk through the world’s largest open-air museum in Luxor, FTS Travels is fully devoted to creating beautiful travel moments for you! Take a sheer pleasure during your cheap Egypt tours when you find yourself immersed in the mystery of the baffling pharaohs’ civilization or take part in one of activities which are much known in the Orient.
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Egypt Excursions
/157 Review
  • Excellent value for money when booked directly through fts, considering what is included: 2 flights, private and knowledgeable guide, driver and bus, food and entry to museum and pyramids. This was an amazing adventure! What a city...colours smells sights...mad :-) in a good way.

  • It was a wonderful trip. Everything was extremely organised. All was on time. The dolfins were very friendly and we swam with them it was great. We also got over 105 pictures and a very long video for only 170 dollars. However it seemed that the pool is small for the dolfins. I hope they are treated kindly and have a happy life